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EDHEC Business School MSc in Management Studies

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This seminar is part of an overall Reflexive Management Development Programme (RMDP) that provides students with a reflective forum to make greater applicable sense of their management knowledge, concrete experience and in-class discussion of management practice. Specifically, this seminar will help you to move beyond restrictive Sensemaking procedures in order to evaluate the needs of given managerial and leadership situations. It will also enable you to apply key learning to everyday complexity in management. It will help you to increase self-awareness and understanding of your ability to overcome the limitations of collective Sensemaking.


This module teaches students how to better frame ethical issues related to business and the economy, and to become more aware of the philosophical questions which underlie individual and collective decisions. It also enables students to learn about the practical implementation of ethical standards in business by participating to the Lille World Forum (forum for a responsible and sustainable economy).

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