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EDHEC Business School MSc in Management Studies

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Human Resources Management


The last decades have witnessed a major development in the interest of both business strategy and human resources management. Responding to the dramatic growth of new technologies, the constant change and the growing regulatory reforms and ethical needs, the business leaders have looked for ways of defining and implementing the best strategies. In the meantime all these elements in the global business environment have generated new forms of organizations and new ways to frame the work of employees. Of course, consultancy practices responded to these new interests, and so did the academic world. So it is now common to hear about ‘talent management’, ‘HR deliverables’, ‘virtual working’, ‘learning organization’, ‘workforce engagement’, etc… But what does it really mean? How is it illustrated and performed in companies nowadays? How does it connect to the business strategy, and how can it heavily contribute to its success? All of the above issues will be dealt with in this module.

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