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Digital Innovation / Social Entrepreneurship


Nowadays, the digital world of the Internet is hosting a large part of the innovation worldwide. Every day, new online businesses are created by established firms, while many Internet start-ups are founded around new concepts and ideas that make sense only in the digital world. These also include new types of business models that exploit the unique opportunities the Internet provides (e-business models). This course aims at investigating the unique features of such digital innovations, namely how they differ from innovations in the physical world and how to exploit these differences in order to create more successful innovations in the digital world. More specifically, in this course we will look at the following topics: (i) building a successful business model on the Internet (e-business model), (ii) designing an online business so that you can easily adapt it and improve it in the future, (iii) creating a new concept by transforming digital products into services and vice versa, (iv) integrating online and offline businesses, and (v) motivating an online community to generate ideas. In order to explore the above issues, we look at various types of digital innovations: internet retailing, online search engines, services built around these search engines (e.g., search engine optimization), and crowdsourcing. Each of these innovations serves as a context for exploring a particular topic.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Entrepreneurial Strategies for Change
Entrepreneurial change makers, or social entrepreneurs, bring a solution to a social, economic or environmental issue, through an entrepreneurial approach that is similar to the one encountered in the business world, i.e. with limited resources and an innovative mindset. This module will walk you through the different steps to design an entrepreneurial change making project. It will address the following questions: 1) How can social entrepreneurs bring significant change, and in what areas? 2) What are the winning strategies and what key learning can we draw from them? 3) What are the key steps to design and implement a social entrepreneurship project?

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